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                        Transformation through Matrix Energetics at Still Point

 What is Matrix Energetics?
Matrix Energetics, developed by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND is experiential. For a sense of what of it is, we refer you to the website Http:// There are videos that can be viewed and some interviews. An introductory session can also be very helpful.
What is Transformation?

Most of us walk around quite familiar with the self we are every day. There are deeper and lighter parts of us that escape our attention because we either don't know about them or we seem unable to tap into them. Transformative work is about tapping into those lighter, higher vibrational parts of ourself. We are light beings and are most happy when we live from that place.

What is Transformation Work?

Based on the concepts found in quantum physics and building on the work of Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, transformative work involves tapping into the sea of possibilities that surround us and is a part of us in ways that allow us to change our perceptions of almost anyone and anything. By placing our intention for a change in experience, then letting go of the outcome and trusting that the Universe knows best what we need, we can transform our experiences of the people and events in our lives.

   Why Transformation Rather than Healing?

Healing and transformation are two different words which carry different energies. Healing implies that there is something amiss and needs fixing. Maybe I am experiencing an illness and I want to get better (of course!) I am in a relationship with illness and I have a specific outcome in mind, like alleviation of symptoms. With transformation, I open to a change in the experience I am having without focusing on a specific outcome. 'I'd like to experience this differently' means that I focus NOT on a diagnosis or condition as such but open to Reality as experienced in my heart space; the potential for experiencing my true self lies therein. Everything else may well drop away as my perception shifts. When my perception changes, everything alse changes as well.

   What is a Matrix Energetics Session like?

Each session is different. Generally the person looking for a change in his or her experience will sit or stand near the practitioner and state what he or she hopes to experience differently. The practitioner simply drops down into his or her heart space and opens to what shows up. Then through something called a two-point, he or she makes a measurement and lets go. There may be several two-points used but, in general, this is a way to open to other possibilities of experience showing up.
How long does a Matrix Energetics Session last?

Every session is different but, in general, the session takes minutes once the actual session begins.
The effects are ongoing.

How much does a Matrix Energetics session cost?

Matrix Energetics Sessions are available for a donation to Still Point.

Now offering Matrix Energetics sessions for pets. Call 518-587-4967.

Rowena Fay, RN, BSN, Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner,
Certified Reiki Master Practitioner
and Teacher


Rowena Fay is a Registered Nurse and a Matrix Energetics Practitioner as well as a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner.  Her transformation  practice flows naturally from her practice of deep meditation and is a way of life for her. She is currently co-director of Still Point, an interfaith retreat center where she practices and teaches meditation as well as Reiki.

 Call 518-587-4967 or email to set up a time for a session at Still Point.



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