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The Welcoming House


Still Point offers:

THE WELCOMING HOUSE has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, a meditation room and an eating/ gathering room for groups of up to 30 individuals, located at the far end of the grounds, free of most disturbances. Both spaces are heated with a wood stove with propane heater backup. In addition there is a small sitting room with a selection of books which are available for reading.

The meditation room is used for meditation, prayer, rituals, meetings and yoga. (below)

The eating/ gathering room is for dining and some group activities. (below)

During the warmer months from April through October we offer 3 rooms, pictured below, in the Welcoming House for overnight or longer stays. We ask $45 per night for one of these rooms.            

                       The Studio Room          The Futon Room                The Reiki Room

 Still Point offers an opportunity for those involved in spiritual practices to come for silence and solitude. An extended time for retreat sometimes offers the opportunity for deepening one's spiritual path. For information and rate, please contact us at

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