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Since 1972 Still Point has been a place forStill Point Interfaith Retreat Center






living in


with the  Earth and open to all people.


Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center, located in upstate NY, just minutes from downtown Saratoga, is open during the year for  private retreats, a day of quiet and prayer, group or staff retreats, youth retreats, business retreats and church groups.  At this time we cannot accommodate overnight retreats for groups with more than 8 people unless you wish to 'camp'. There  are 4 fully winterized hermitages (cabins) nestled in the woods along with a large facility, The Welcoming House, for groups.

We offer space for individuals who want silence and solitude at an affordable price of $55 per day. All cabins have a small refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster oven, hot plate, coffee maker, hot pot and some utensils for meal preparation or cooking.  N.B.The double cabin (1 & 2) and cabin 3 have some mustiness in the air and may be problematic for those with certain allergies.

We now offer 3 rooms in the Welcoming House during warmer weather for those who do not wish to walk to and from a cabin. There are 2 small rooms with a single bed and night stand and 1 room with a futon which pulls out to make the equivalent of a double bed. All 3 rooms have doors which connect to the larger eating and lounge area. These are available at $45 per night.

Take 24 hours from your busy schedule. Come to one of our cabins. Pray!

             Be silent. “The quieter you become, the more you hear.”

The kingdom of God is within us. Within our very own being is the kingdom of Love. If it is love that seems to be lacking in our ex­perience, we do not look outside our own being for it, for even if we seem to find it, we will be disappointed. All we have to do to find love is to turn to this great spiritual realm that is within us, and there divine Love has Its abode.

Go within yourself, rest there, and acknowledge Its presence, pray that It reveal Itself to you, invite It to flow out from you, and then give action and expression to It by letting that love pour out to your friends and your enemies, to your nation's friends and your nation's enemies, to people of good will and people of evil will. Open your heart, embracing the whole world, and say to yourself, "Love, flow out: flow out to the saints to support them in their activity; flow out to the sinners to cleanse and purify them; flow out to the tyrants to soften and give them mercy and justice."

A Parenthesis in Eternity by Joel Goldsmith 

I will close my physical eyes and dismiss the temptation of matter. I will peer through the darkness of silence until my eyes of relativity open into the one inner eye of light. When my two eyes that behold in everything both good and evil become single, and behold in everything only the divine goodness of God, I shall see that my body, mind and soul have become filled with his
omnipresent light. "Yogananda"

Take time everyday to enter within; allow yourself to experience stillness; put the concerns of day-to-day
living on hold for a short time. Rest The riches of the Reign of Love await you. Go within.


 Still Point Retreat Center is self-supporting and relies entirely on our program and retreat revenues plus the generosity of our supporters for our continued success.

Individuals seeking the Sacred and in need of time and space away from their busy life are important to Still Point. We welcome people from all walks of life and spiritualities. In a world where division and suspicion of differences are rampant, Still Point is a sacred space where unity-in-plurality is valued
. Every part is essential to the whole.   


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